IV.  Advance Our Leadership Role in Using Technology to Support Teaching, Learning, Scholarship, and Institutional Effectiveness.

  1. Implement and influence new open-source strategies and further promote community-source projects to enhance quality and effectiveness, maintain first adopter advantage, and reduce operational costs.
  2. Initiate an advanced Web strategy that includes constant updates, interactivity, social media connections, portability, multimedia tools, and converged communications capabilities.
  3. Encourage and support the ethical and appropriate use of social media, real-time collaboration, and other forms of mediated communication to promote innovative ideas and problem solving.
  4. Capitalize on the full functionality of the newly implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other service systems to more effectively provide online services to all students, faculty, and staff.
  5. Increase opportunities and incentives for faculty to use technology in all teaching venues, research, and scholarship, and provide opportunities to share successful and creative uses.
  6. Build on successful models such as the mainframe Knowledge Center of IBM's global academic initiative in order to create an international reputation for expertise in technological learning.
  7. Continue to upgrade our infrastructure so that we remain a leader in technology-enhanced education.