VIII.  Diversify and Grow the Financial Base of the College.

  1. Continue to maintain a budget model that results in annual operating surpluses and is based on fiscally sound resource allocation and investment practices.
  2. Implement a budget development process that encourages and rewards growth in revenue and savings in operations.
  3. Develop and implement a business plan and operating strategy for graduate and adult programs that will increase enrollment and net income.
  4. Broaden the enrollment base, building on established successes: summer pre-college programs, winter/summer intersession courses, internships, and international programs.
  5. Continue to broaden fund-raising initiatives among alumni, trustees, corporations, foundations, and individual donors to increase the endowment for scholarships, endowed chairs, and academic programs, as well as designated support for capital initiatives.
  6. Pursue more grants based on faculty strengths and interests, and offer greater financial rewards for grant-winning faculty and their individual schools.
  7. Provide content and delivery systems as well as hosting services to colleges, universities, and other organizations to increase revenue streams and reputation.
  8. Develop appropriate offerings to respond to students who graduate in fewer than four years, such as combined undergraduate and graduate programs.
  9. Capture savings as a result of increased operational efficiencies across all areas of the College.