Mission Statement

Marist is dedicated to helping students develop the intellect, character, and skills required for enlightened, ethical, and productive lives in the global community of the 21st century.

Values Statement

The College fulfills its mission by pursuing three ideals: excellence in education, a sense of community, and a commitment to service. These ideals were handed down to us by the Marist Brothers who founded the College. Now an independent institution governed by a lay board of trustees, Marist continues to embrace the three ideals as an integral part of the College mission.

Excellence in Education

Marist achieves its ideal of excellence in undergraduate, graduate, and professional education by actively engaging each student through exemplary teaching and distinctive learning opportunities.

At the undergraduate level, this begins with a firm foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. Through the core curriculum and major fields of study, students learn to think logically and creatively, to synthesize and integrate methods and insights from a variety of disciplines, and to express themselves effectively orally, in writing, and through media. Students consider the ethical dimensions of the subjects they study and become more aware of their own values, the values of others, and the implications of the choices they make in their public and private lives. They explore diverse cultures through coursework, extracurricular programs, international study, internships, and service opportunities. Students in all programs learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills requisite for effective leadership in a complex and diverse society.

The Marist ideal of excellence in education finds distinctive expression in programs tailored for the graduate and adult learners the College has long served. Study at the graduate level emphasizes breadth and depth of knowledge for career development. In a climate of collegiality, students refine the intellectual and personal qualities they need to contribute to their fields. Graduate, undergraduate degree completion, and professional programs are designed to accommodate the needs of adult students to balance education with work and family responsibilities. Maintaining the high standards that characterize all educational offerings, Marist presents programs for adult students in alternate locations, formats, and methods of delivery.

A distinguishing feature of the Marist education is the manner in which information technology is used to support teaching, learning, and scholarship. The College, a leader in educational applications of information technology, offers students access to advanced technologies to help them develop as lifelong learners and productive members of their communities. Technology resources are combined with flexible and innovative program formats to expand access to higher education for all students.

A Sense of Community

The Marist ideal of community is based on the belief that we become a better institution through the active involvement of faculty, staff, students, and alumni in the life of the College. Seeking to create relationships that will last a lifetime, we nurture the well-being and development of all our community members and cultivate their bonds with the College and each other. Marist encourages students to collaborate with faculty and staff on research, creative, and service projects, and to share the results of their work with a wider community of scholars. We take particular care to ensure that student activities build a sense of community while supporting educational goals. We are a diverse community united by a shared commitment to the free exchange of ideas, consideration of the opinions of others, and civility in all our interactions. As members of the global community, we are committed to the collective stewardship of our environment.

A Commitment to Service

The Marist ideal of service is predicated on our belief in the dignity and value of every human being. The College sponsors and supports programs to meet a wide variety of community needs, and to offer broadened access to education. We encourage students, faculty, staff, and alumni to make service an important part of their lives. Both individual students and student organizations engage in service activities, including programs that assist those in need, projects throughout the Hudson River Valley, and other humanitarian initiatives around the world. By sharing their time and talents, students help make Marist a better place to live and learn while developing a sense of personal responsibility and civic engagement.