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Emerging Leaders Program Student Executive Board

Fall 2016 ELP Board

Jon Ferris, Co-President/Co-SNT Chair
Brittany Hampton, Co-President/Co-SNT Chair
Brianna Liguori, Co-Society Event Chair
Lauren Vecchio, Co-Society Event Chair
Megan Nickel, Historian
Rob Blauvelt, Social Media Chair

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Jon Ferris, '19
Co-President/Co-SNT Chair Jon

Major: Psychology
Minors: Music, Theatre

Why I joined ELP/NSLS:  I've been interested in Leadership and Professional Development for a while and when I came to Marist and first heard about ELP and NSLS, I was surprised to find how much of a perfect match it seemed to be for me! I'm excited to be on the Board because I have some outside experience with Leadership Development that I'm exited to share with Marist!

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement:  On campus I am involved in First Year Programs, Residence Hall Council, the Marist College Club of Theatre Arts, and the Student Programming Council.

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS:  The college experience is all about having new experiences, learning new things, and developing personal character. Attending ELP programs and being a part of the NSLS is a great way to do all three at the same time. Meeting with new groups of people, discussing and learning about things possibly not talked about in classes, and focusing on how the learning applies to personal leadership makes the ELP and NSLS an invaluable opportunity for every Marist Student.


Brittany Hampton, '19Brittany
Co-President/Co-SNT Chair

Majors: Psychology
Minor: Spanish

Why I joined ELP/NSLS: Leading others has always been a passion of mine. I joined ELP/NSLS with the hopes of strengthening my leadership skills, so that I may continue to be a leader in college as well as in life. I knew becoming a member of these programs would provide me with the resources, benefits, and connections to shape me into a better and more effective leader.

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement: In addition to  the NSLS/ELP, I am currently involved with the Campus Ministry Student Advisory Board, Peer Mentor Program, and Honors Program.

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS: By being a member of the Emerging Leaders Program and the National Society of Leadership and Success, I can already feel the impact it has had on me as not only a leader, but also as a person. The workshops and broadcasts sponsored by the programs have truly opened my mind to new ways of thinking and understanding. It is a great program for students to be involved in because leadership skills are essential for success in almost any career path.


Brianna Liguori, '17 Brianna
Co-Society Events Chair

Major: Psychology
Minors: Social Work

Why I joined ELP/NSLS: I joined ELP/NSLS to grow more personally and professionally. I saw this organization as an opportunity to learn how to connect and network, to be a strong leader, to make a difference in my community, and to figure out which leadership style was the most applicable to my life and my goals. ELP/NSLS stood out to me as the chance to learn as much as I can about leadership development and goal setting and it has proved to be just that for me. I decided to join the Executive Board because I always believe in reaching higher and getting involved in things that align with my passions.

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement: I am an Orientation Leader, the Vice President of Purplethread, the host of The Later Tonight Show through MCTV, and a member of Psi Chi-the International Psychology Honor Society. Additionally, I am involved with the Dance Ensemble, Residence Hall Council, the Naturally Foxy Campaign, and Autism Speaks U.

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS: I believe that ELP/NSLS is an amazing opportunity for all Marist students because of the immense amount of knowledge that can be acquired from our speakers and from one another. This organization is tailored to help students transform and improve their leadership skills in order to help them achieve their goals. Honing your leadership skills is essential and this organization allows for students to do so in a fun and informative way. Additionally, ELP/NSLS is a great way to network and connect with people.


Lauren Vecchio, '19 Lauren
Co-Society Events Chair

Major: Business Administration (Marketing)
Fashion Merchandising, Psychology

Why I joined ELP/NSLS: I joined ELP/NSLS because I wanted to be a part of an organization with driven people who would foster my own ambitious attitude.

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement: I'm the secretary of the Italian American Society and the treasurer of the FEMME club. I'm also a Peer Mentor as well as an Honors Peer Mentor.

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS: Marist students should get invovled with the ELP/NSLS because it will provide them with a network of bright, hardworking peers, as well as an opportunity to grow and better themselves and their futures.




Megan Nickel, '19Megan

Major: Environmental Science and Policy

Why I joined ELP/NSLS: I joined this organization because I am interested in fostering my abilities to become a better leader in my personal life and future profession. I wanted to learn about leadership from my peers and professionals who have succeeded in their fields.

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement: I am involved in Marist College Democrats, the Campus Sustainability Action Committee, and Campus Ministry.

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS: I strongly believe that every person should engage in leadership training. There is no set idea of what a leader looks like or acts like. Even if you do not have a leadership title or position, you are a leader everyday when you make decisions that affect other people. I have learned an incredible amount about myself and have gained a sense of confidence, capability, and responsibility from the ELP and NSLS, and I think that each individual can benefit similarly from this program.


Rob Blauvelt, '19
Social Media Chair

Major:  Business Administration (Concentration: International Business) Rob Blauvelt, General Board Member
Communications (Advertising), Italian

Why I joined ELP/NSLS: I joined the Emerging Leaders Program and the NSLS to further refine my previously acquired leadership skills, to develop new skills, and to help my peers achieve the same. The key to being a true leader is to not only bring out the best in yourself, but to bring out the best in others as well.

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement: I am the Social Media Coordinator for Marist's Weiss Language Center, the Marketing Chair of the Marist chapter of Autism Speaks, and a Mentor for the Peer Mentor Program. I am also an international member and Assistant Vice President for the Marist chapter of Toastmasters, and a member of both the Advertising Club and the Business Club. At home, I am a personal training and self-defense instructor for children and teens with mental disabilities.

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS: The Emerging Leaders Program and the NSLS provide students with an opportunity to gain skills that they will use for the rest of their lives both in their careers and in their day-to-day lives. Being able to lead effectively is a key attribute to have on the road to success.


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