Community Service Fact Sheet

Mission Statement: 

The Campus Ministry Community Service Program encourages men and women to serve others in the name of God. 

Priority Point Policy:

Students may receive two priority points for attending service eight or more times (16 hours of service) in addition to attendance at end-of-semester reflection sessions.

Students may receive one priority point for attending service four to seven times (at least 8 hours of service) in addition to attendance at a reflection session.

If a student does not attend a reflection session, his or her priority points will be affected: a volunteer who would have earned 2 points will earn 1, and a volunteer who would have earned 1 point will not earn any.

You cannot earn "double credit" for your service. For example, if community service is required for one of your classes, you may not receive priority points for those same hours.

Expectations of all Campus Ministry Volunteers:

You are an ambassador of the college to the community. You represent Marist at your site! Treat everyone with the utmost respect. At many sites, you are a mentor and role model for children, so act accordingly!

Do not use your cell phone while at your service site. If possible, turn it off. In any case, put it away.

You are expected to come to service on a weekly basis, and attendance will be monitored closely. If you are not able to attend service, it is your responsibility to notify your site supervisor AND to notify Kathleen. Please give as much notice as possible -- your site counts on you for help! 

Dress appropriately for your site! Jeans (without holes), t-shirts, and comfortable shoes are most appropriate.

  • No sweatpants and, in some cases, no flip flops or shorts (ask before wearing them). 
  • Please avoid clothing that shows undergarments, cleavage, or midriff.
  • No inappropriate writing on your clothing.
  • Skirts and shorts must be longer than fingertip-length. 
  • No cut-out muscle tees.
  • Some sites have stricter dress codes. Some schools may want you to dress like a student teacher. Some require closed-toed shoes. You will be notified of these specific rules when you receive your site placement.

For safety reasons, never pick up a child.

If you are unsure how to handle a situation, or if you feel uncomfortable, always speak to the supervisor of your service placement. If you still have a question or problem, be sure to notify Kathleen.