Academic Planning

Academic Credit section

ROTC Weekly Schedule for Fall 2015

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
PT (All) 0630-0730    0630-0730 0630-0730   
Freshman Class     1400-1600    
Sophomore Class       1400-1700  
Junior Class       1100-1315   
Senior Class   1400-1630      
Lab (All)     1100-1340     
------------------------------ ------------------ ----------------- -------------------- ------------------- --------------------
Cadet Staff Meeting     1400-1500    1100-1200


Academic Credit

Junior (MSIII) and Senior (MSIV) year Cadets can receive 3 credits from the School of Management for Military Science Class each semester. Cadets must register and pay for these classes as they would any other course. Cadets may also take these courses without credit. In that case, registration and payment are not required.

There is no option to receive academic credit for Freshman and Sophomore year courses.

The Planned Academic Program Worksheet (CC Form 104-R) must be filled out and updated every semester by each cadet.

You can find the form on the References page.