Cadet Profiles



Hometown: Fair Lawn, NJ
Major: Psychology
Interests: Coaching, Olympic style weightlifting, Reading

"I once heard my father talk about ROTC, and decided to give it a try once I arrived at Marist. I was never the “military” type, but I always loved playing sports, and being on a team. Shortly, I would find that the ROTC program at Marist is about as much of a team, as any sport I have ever played on. I came in without a scholarship/ contract, but with hard work, I earned the opportunity to have my education paid for by the Army. Aside from the invaluable leadership skills I am taught, and the lifelong friendships I have developed, ROTC has allowed me to enjoy the liberty of a regular college life academically, socially, and athletically. While being a part of the program, I have traveled the country competing as a national level Olympic Style Weightlifter, and plan to continue that endeavor after I commission as a second Lieutenant this coming May."



Hometown: Montgomery, NY
Major: Psychology with a Social Work minor
Interests: Rugby, Reading, Classical Music, Anything Athletic, Family
“Being a part of the Marist ROTC program for the past three years has introduced me to many things. To name a few, I have traveled to South America to teach English through the Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program my freshman year. Sophomore year I attended Cadet Field Training at West Point. I wouldn’t have been able to go to such a great school if it wasn’t for my Army National Scholarship I received out of high school. I am in charge of the Color Guard team and what I most enjoy are the people I have met in this program who constantly motivate me to be a better person and soldier.”



Hometown: Yorktown, NY
Major: Social work with a Minor in Psychology
Interests: Rugby, Music, and Exploring
"I came to Marist with a four year national scholarship out of high school. This program has allowed me to become a more confident leader both in and out of the classroom. This past summer I was selected to go to Mongolia through the Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program (CULP) where I did military training with over twenty different countries. After commissioning I plan to work in the active duty Medical Services Corps in a combat stress unit as a mental health professional treating active duty combat soldiers with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am also recruiting commander, supply sergeant, and on the color guard team."



Hometown Walden, NY
Major Biology with a minor in Mathematics
Interests Horseback Riding, Running, Yoga, Chess
"The ROTC program at Marist motivates me to succeed and go beyond in everything I do. The program is about developing people into leaders and future soldiers. For me, it is a way to both join the army in the future as well as increase my leadership skills and physical fitness. As a freshman, I am new to ROTC, but it has already started to lead me towards these goals. I am hopeful that this success will only continue to grow as my time in the program increases."