Cadet Profiles




Hometown: Carlisle, PA
Major: Business Administration

Guitar, Piano, Singing, Running, Swimming, and Traveling

Why did you decide to join ROTC? "Growing up as a military brat I have always seen and understood the importance of service to our country through both of my parents. In my mind, nothing compares to the feeling of knowing you are a part of the Army family, no matter where you are in the world. I decided to join ROTC because I would be proud to serve our nation as an officer in the Army of the United States of America."

What have you learned so far? "I have learned quite a lot about how to be an effective leader by simply paying attention to how the upperclassmen lead our labs every week. In our first semester of Military Science we learn about things like general customs and courtesies of the Army, health and fitness, time management, and the Army SHARP program."

What branch are you most interested in and why? "I am most interested in branching aviation, because I think that flying anything would be really cool. I've always had an interest in being up in the sky, making Aviation a perfect fit for me. Both of my parents branched Aviation as well, so I would love to follow in their footsteps."

What would you tell someone considering ROTC? "If you are even a little bit interested in joining ROTC, do it! Before I joined I wasn't sure what I was going to think of ROTC, but I now know that it was 100% the right choice for me and I love it. Don't tell yourself you aren't capable, because trust me, you can do so much more than you give yourself credit for."







Hometown: Oxford, CT
Major: Criminal Justice
Interests: Rowing, Cycling, Cars/Trucks, Flight, and Boating

Why did you decide to join ROTC? "After searching for a program that would give me the opportunity to serve the United States of America in an attempt to change the world, Marist College's ROTC program was the solution. The US Army ROTC program offers a commissioning program, allowing cadets to earn and graduate with a college degree and become an officer in the Army of the United States of America."

 What have you learned so far? "Throughout the ROTC program, I have had the opportunity to partake in extensive developmental military science courses, labs, leadership and field training exercises, community-oriented volunteer and basic training programs."

What branch are you most interested in and why? "Although I am not entirely sure of my branch of choice, I am very interested in the Corps of Engineers, Aviation, and Infantry."

What would you tell someone considering ROTC? "My advice would be: what you put in is what you get out." In other words, if you devote the necessary effort to develop yourself you will become an effective leader and a future officer in the Army."




Hometown: Yorktown, NY
Major: Business with a minor in Criminal Justice
Interests: Hunting and Fishing

Why did you decide to join ROTC? "I have always wanted to serve in the Army, ROTC allowed me to get a degree and become an officer at the same time."

 What have you learned so far? "I have learned way more in ROTC than I can write, but the two most important things that I have learned are time management and self-confidence."

What branch are you most interested in and why? "I'm most interested in Engineers or Artillery. My grandfather was an engineer during WWII, and my father is an engineer in the civilian sector. Last year I was also able to go to an artillery demonstration at a local reserve center and it looked absolutely incredible."

What would you tell someone considering ROTC? "Firstly: This too shall pass. This means that no matter how tired you get, or how stressed out, it will get better. Just stay calm and you will get through it. Secondly: write EVERYTHING down. During ROTC a lot of information is going to be thrown at you at once, and the only way to avoid missing anything is to write it down.."




Hometown Niskayuna, NY
Major Political Science with a concentration in Pre-Law
Interests Playing the piano, running and hanging out with friends

Why did you decide to join ROTC? "When I first Started ROTC freshman year I really liked everything about it. I loved the lifestyle, the organization and the people. The longer I stayed in the program the more I realized that I wanted to be a part of something bigger and provide a service all while doing something that I enjoyed. "

 What have you learned so far? "So far I have learned that there are so many different people in the Army. They come from different walks of life and have different perspectives and thoughts about the Army, but they are all on the same team. I have learned that things we do in the Army can be applied to my daily life to make it better. Whether that is waking up early to workout, being courteous to all people and even showing up early, I always try to apply the Army to my daily life. Along with tactics, ROTC has taught me how to be a critical thinker and a problem solver. Thanks to ROTC I look at everything as a bigger picture and consider all options and angles for any situation."

What branch are you most interested in and why? "Right now I am slotted to join a Military Police Company. As a political science student, I am fascinated with law, its applications, and practice. I have always had a high respect for anyone in law enforcement and to have the opportunity to do that for the Army is an amazing one. Law enforcement is very interesting to me and I can not wait to serve in that capacity for the Army."

What would you tell someone considering ROTC? "ROTC has given me so many amazing opportunities to grow and expand as a person. Ever since I started ROTC my physical abilities, mental agility, and personality in general have changed for the better. I honestly do not know what my life would be without it. Joining ROTC is the perfect opportunity to serve, get to know other people, improve yourself, and still have a great college experience."