Cadet Profiles



Hometown: Hudson Falls, NY
Major: Information Technology with Minor in Information Systems
Interests: Computer Networking, reading, soccer, football, spending time with family
"ROTC is the reason that I am in school.  It allows me to serve my country and get my college education at the same time.  I am even able to do this with a wife and two children at home.  In addition to normal classes, I am also the ROTC webmaster.  On top of everything else, I have prior military service.  The ROTC SMP program allows me to be in the National Guard and ROTC at the same time.  I also currently work at Marist as a student worker in the Telecommunications department.  This supplements learning within my major and assists what I plan to do in the Army."



Hometown: River Edge, NJ
Major: Criminal Justice with Minor in Psychology
Interests: Spending time with friends, listening to music, fishing, and playing sports
"I joined ROTC because of my strong desire to serve in the military. I really enjoy being a part of the ROTC program here at Marist because of the personal relationships we are able to build with both each other and our instructors. Through the ROTC program, I have been able to attend the United States Army Airborne School and the United States Army Air Assault School. In addition to this, I traveled to Ft. Lewis, WA for the Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) where I trained with cadets from all over the country. The leadership experience I have received through ROTC has greatly improved my confidence in being a leader and has prepared me to work well with others in both the military and civilian lifestyles."



Hometown: Lake George, NY
Major: Criminal Justice
Interests: Boating, waterskiing, lacrosse, reading, writing, movies, history, volunteering, running, sports and hanging out with friends
"I attended military school for seven years. I am a New York Army National Guardsman. I participated in the HIDTA Internship. I have gone undercover with the City of Poughkeepsie Police as well as TSA (Transportation Security Administration). I attended the Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) this summer as well as studied overseas through the Cultural Understanding and Language Program (CULP) in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  I am Charlie Company commander in ROTC here at Marist."



Hometown  Shoreham, NY
Major English with Minor in Paralegal
Interests Reading, writing, running, and exercising
"At Marist I am part of these organizations among others: Student Government, Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee, Interpersonal Violence Prevention.  Since being at Marist College,  and involved in ROTC I have spent a semester in Florence, Italy,  a summer at Fort Knox's Leadership Training Course (LTC) through ROTC, and I will be traveling to Burkina Faso in the summer of 2012 with the Cultural Understanding and Language Program (CULP) through ROTC."



Hometown Rye, NH
Major Criminal Justice with Minor in Spanish
Interests Rugby, travel, and ping pong
"I joined ROTC as a freshman on a four year scholarship. My sophomore year I was given the opportunity to travel abroad to Seville, Spain during the Spring Semester. When I returned I attended Basic Airborne Course at Fort Benning, GA. This summer I will be traveling back to Spain through the Cultural Understanding and Language Program (CULP) to spend three weeks with one of their Special Forces Groups. Right now I am interning in a joint program between the District Attorney's office and the NY National Guard targeted at gun trafficing in Harlem and competing to earn the German Proficiency Badge."