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New Cadet Orientation

Operation 24

Operation 24 is a program designed to allow prospective Cadets to experience what it is like to be an Army ROTC Cadet at Marist College. Students will spend 24 hours at Marist College and participate in Military Science Class, ROTC lab, physical training, campus social events, interview with professors in their intended academic major, and receive a briefing about the ROTC Scholarship process. Students will stay overnight with one of our Cadets.

Currently scheduled events are:

  • 25-26 SEP

Operation 24 Schedule

Wednesday Thursday
0830 Arrival / Reception 0900 Combat Water Survival Test
1100 Lab: Army Physical Fitness Test 1100 Dismissal
1400 Military Science Class    
1530 Military History Class    

Students must be 16 or older to participate. Students under 18 require parental permission. Registration is limited and is available on a first come, first serve basis. For more information contact Dave Rogers at (845) 575-3000 x 2591 or david.rogers1@marist.edu   Operation 24

Over 25 students that participated in this program received Army ROTC Scholarship offers.


New Cadet Orientation

New Cadet Orientation 2013 :18-23 AUG

New Cadet Orientation is mandatory for all new Cadets.

Cadets must be enrolled in 12 credits or more for Fall 2013.

New Cadet Orientation
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Welcome Briefing PT PT PT APFT PT
Equipment Issue and Sizing Marist College Move-In (Selected Dorms) Recruiting Event Marist College Move-In (Selected Dorms) Troop Leading Procedures Contracting Ceremony
In-Processing Drill and Ceremony OPORD Briefing Movement to Fordham University Change of Command AAR
Uniform and Equipment Class OPORD Class Movement to Training Center Tactics Classes Drill and Ceremony Competition Return to Marist College
Customs and Courtesies Class Tactics Classes Tactical Operations Drill and Ceremony Cadet Handbook Class  
APFT FLRC Return to Marist College FLRC Sports