SYE Conference: Program Descriptions

Marist Senior Year Experience Conference, 2014

Below you'll find brief descriptions of some of the programs, workshops and presentations that were offered at the January 2014  Senior Year Experience: Bridge to the Future conference. Click the following links to jump to a particular section.

Please note: Information on the December 6, 2014 presentation lineup will be added as soon as it is confirmed.

Keynote Speaker - Closing Speaker - Career - Graduate School - Life Skills - Money Matters - Staying Connected

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Joanne Gavin, Associate Professor, School of Management

Closing Speaker

Freddimir Garcia, '09, Presidential Fellow


What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Working
Karen Schrier, Assistant Professor of Media Arts
I went to a small, highly selective liberal arts college, so I knew absolutely nothing about working in the real world. I was always at the top of my class and got straight A’s, so I just assumed I would be able to walk into a job and do it well. Boy was I wrong! In this inspirational and humorous talk, I will share personal stories, advice and tips for getting jobs, keeping jobs, getting promoted, networking, and balancing work and life.

Where the Jobs Are: Finding Openings in Your Field
Deidre Sepp, Director of Career Services
Seniors will leave this session with an understanding of useful resources that identify job openings in various fields of interest. This program will get you started by first reviewing the job hunting features on FoxQuest and Department of Labor resources. Then we’ll take a look at search engines, as well as professional association job boards and résumé banks. We’ll end up with the power of networking—LinkedIn for example, and the Marist Alumni Network. You’ll leave with a much clearer understanding of where to find job openings!

Women in the Work World Today
Dr. Nancy O’Donnell, Adjunct Professor of Psychology
This presentation will cover changes in the work world in the USA over the past few decades and how these changes have impacted families, women, and men both positively and negatively. Sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace will also be discussed.

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Graduate School

Preparing for Graduate School / Graduate Programs at Marist
Mallory Maggiacomo, Senior Assistant Director of Admission & Kelly Holmes, Director of Graduate Admission

This session will address commonly asked questions about the graduate school admission process. A graduate education is an investment that requires patience, planning, and perhaps some sacrifice. But it is an investment that will reward you with a lifetime of intelligent living, responsible citizenship, and a higher standard of opportunity for career and social success. This presentation will also briefly review the graduate programs offered at Marist

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Life Skills

Expectation vs. Reality: The Apartment Search
Kait Smith, Coordinator of First Year Programs
The thought of apartment hunting can be exciting, but also scary, stressful, and filled with a lot of rookie mistakes. This sometimes funny, sometimes serious presentation will aim to remind students that after graduation, housing can be tricky, and where you end up living isn’t based on your GPA, your activities, or your disciplinary history. In this session we’ll take the “what ifs”, “if onlys”, and other stories of apartment-related regret and turn them into lessons and tips to help future grads on their search.

I’m Gonna Graduate, Now What?!
Sara Nowlin, Adjunct Professor of Communications
Knowing you are about to step into the “Real World” is often daunting to have so many choices to consider, and can create anxiety, sometimes severe anxiety. How will I get a job? Is my résumé going to be enough? Will I move back home? How will I pay my bills now? There are more questions than answers. This interactive program will give you the clarity and tools to face your fears and create your personalized path to success with a sense of calm and confidence.

Self-Actualization: The Life-Long Journey
Dr. Linda Dunlap, Professor of Psychology
This workshop is designed to evaluate factors, including one’s job, that allow each individual to reach one’s full potential in all aspects of life. In addition, discussion will include development of attributes that help support movement towards self-actualization, as well as factors that potentially block movement toward self-actualization.

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Money Matters

Financial Literacy
Philip LaRocco, Professional Lecturer of Accounting & Brian Haughey, Assistant Professor of Finance
This presentation is intended to make basic financial topics accessible to non-finance majors. It focuses on bank accounts, borrowing, budgets, planning, investing, and saving for retirement and taxes.

Know What You Owe
Joe Weglarz, Executive Director of Student Financial Services; Mary Lou Kutchma, Director of Student Financial Assistance; & Jen Trauman, Tuition Management Systems
Loan indebtedness is an area of major concern; it is important that students are fully aware of their responsibility. This program will discuss students’ financial education needs and other pertinent information such as exit loan counseling, repayment assistance, and other money management priorities. The learning outcome of this session is for students to understand their loan indebtedness and gain greater insight into the importance of money management and financial obligations.

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Staying Connected

Red Fox For Life
Representatives from the Office of Advancement
Join members of the Alumni and Advancement Offices as well as recent graduates to learn more about your upcoming role of alumnus/alumna! Learn how to tap into the Marist network of more than 36,000 alumni through social media, regional events, and more. You’ll have an opportunity to hear from recent Marist graduates about the benefits of staying connected after graduation including access to special events, workshops, webinars, and alumni discounts. Alumni support and involvement is essential to Marist’s future success. Come learn how you can keep Marist a special place for future Red Foxes and receive a small gift from the Alumni Association. Remember, you are only a Marist undergrad for four short years, but you are a Red Fox for Life!

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