A.  Residents are not charged for normal wear and tear. Replacement and/or restoration costs for all room/apartment damage will be assessed to the residents of that area. In addition, students will be fined 25% of the cost of the repair and/or replacement for the damage in their area.
B.  Posters, signs and/or decorations placed where not allowed by fire safety or by housing regulations will be calculated as damages.
C.  Damages to areas and furnishings will be assessed throughout the academic year. Charges will be assigned to individuals for room/apartment damages. Charges for damages to or defacement of any area in common use, such as corridors, windows, bathrooms, lounges, study areas, elevators, recycling facilities, etc. will be charged to the responsible individual(s). However, when no specific individuals are identifiable, charges may be distributed among residents of the area, as floor charges or house/hall charges.
D.  Final assessment of room damages and charges will be completed by the College after the area is vacated. Any appeals of damages/charges must be in writing and addressed to Housing & Residential Life by the announced deadline.