Generally, College jurisdiction and discipline shall apply to conduct which occurs on College property and/or College related events which adversely affect the College community and/or the pursuit of its objectives.

The Office of Student Conduct in conjunction with the Vice President for Student Affairs will determine when the College will take action for allegations of off-campus misconduct that also violates College policies and/or Federal, State or local laws, statutes or ordinances.

Student conduct proceedings and actions are not subject to challenge or postponement on the grounds that criminal or civil charges involving the same incident have been dismissed, reduced, or may be pending in civil or criminal court.

Marist holds that all individuals who are members of the College community have a responsibility to represent themselves in a lawful and responsible manner at all times.

Students who are accepted to study abroad/international program sites may be held responsible for inappropriate behavior and college policy violations that occur when they are studying away from campus. The Florence Campus Code of Conduct can be found at: