Application to Marist College indicates a free choice to become part of the College community, to participate in its programs and to accept the responsibility of member- ship therein. The College’s acceptance of the student in turn represents the extension of the privileges of community membership to the individual and the right to remain a member of the community by meeting the entire academic, financial and behavioral expectations of the College.

Marist College is committed to providing an environment that promotes and values academic learning; institutional and personal integrity; and justice and equality. The College considers all Marist students as its partners in the responsibility of creating and maintaining that environment.

Each student/organization at Marist agrees to be governed by the Code of Student Conduct. The College, through the Office of Student Conduct maintains the responsibility to impose sanctions for any behavior that violates the Code of Student Conduct.

All students/organizations at Marist have access to the Code of Student Conduct and Resident Student Handbook (if a resident student). Copies are provided to students at the beginning of their enrollment. Copies of the Code of Student Conduct are avail- able in the Housing & Residential Life Office, Student Affairs, Student Government Association and the Library. In addition, this document is available on line at the following address:  Amendments to the Code of Student Conduct are made via the above mentioned website. Although changes are relatively rare, students/organizations are responsible for the information contained in this document. Therefore, students are advised to check this website on a regular basis for the latest information.

Students/organizations are expected to respect and abide by local ordinances and state and federal statutes both on and off campus. As members of an academic community, students are held accountable to the College’s Code of Conduct that clarifies those behavioral standards considered essential to the fulfillment of the College’s philosophy, mission and goals.

The Code of Student Conduct is reviewed  each academic year. Any changes or amendments made during the academic year will be posted on the Office of Student Conduct website.   For more information visit our website at