D. Regulations Specific To Residence Living

In attempting to create an environment where learning and daily life can proceed without disruption, it is necessary to establish regulations specifically designed for the unique atmosphere of residence living. Regulations, however, are not effective without each resident assuming responsibility for their own actions, and assuming shared responsibility for the environment. The restrictions described in the Resident Student Handbook have been developed to promote both individual and community responsibility in the residence halls. Any violation of these restrictions will result in disciplinary action.

The following restrictions have been developed to promote both individual and community responsibility in the residence halls. Their violation will result in disciplinary action. Regulations may vary from hall to hall. In these instances, proper notification will be given by the Resident Director and/or the Office of Housing & Residential Life.

1.   Appliances and Cooking: Cooking is not to occur in individual residence hall rooms. Cooking may only occur in areas designated by residence hall staff. All electrical cooking appliances are prohibited. The possession of College-approved microwaves and refrigerators constitute an approved exemption to this policy. Information regarding approved appliances may be found in the Fire Safety section.

2.   Furniture. Including, but not limited to:
a.   Unauthorized lofts (including bed risers) and waterbeds are not permitted in the residence halls.
b.   Furniture that is designated as lounge furniture is not permitted in individual student rooms or common rooms.
c.   Furniture (including loft kits) designated to a specific residence can only be moved out of that room with authorization from residential life staff.
d.   Non-College furniture items that do not meet fire safety regulations are prohibited in the residence area. Contact the Office of Housing & Residential Life to determine if additional furniture meets fire safety regulations.
e.   Painting, use of decals on furniture, walls, mirrors, sinks or windows and contact paper for shelving, lining drawers or covering furniture tops is prohibited.
f.   When beds are bunked or lofted, the bed ends serve as the bunk bed/loft ladder. All bunked or lofted beds require the use of safety rails. All lofted beds require the use of two stabilizer bars. Both safety rails and stabilizer bars may be obtained through your Residence Hall Director.
g.   College furniture is not to be removed from residence areas hall rooms/apartments and may not be placed outside.

3.   Guest Policy: All students are responsible for the actions of their guests for any violations committed on College premises, or at College-sponsored or supervised functions. In other words, the student/host may be charged with a violation of the Guest Policy, in addition to any other college policies for violations committed by their guests. All guests of first year students must be registered. Guests will be issued passes, which they are expected to carry at all times. In addition, hosts are required to accompany their guests at all times. Failure to properly register or sign-in guests is a violation of this policy. Guests are not permitted in residence areas during “Housing Availability When the College is Closed” periods and may be asked to leave if there is a violation of college policy. (For guidelines related to obtaining guest passes and Break Housing, please refer to the Visitation and Guest Policy and Housing Availability When the College is Closed sections of the Resident Student Handbook).
Note: Guests must have a Photo ID showing a birthdate listed.

4.   Noise Policy:
a.   Noise that can be clearly heard outside of one’s immediate residence hall room or excessive noise in a common area (i.e. hallways, bathrooms, lounges, etc.) during established quiet hours. Quiet Hours for all residence areas begin at 10:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and end at 8:00 am. Weekend (Friday and Saturday) quiet hours begin at 1:00 am (doors close at 11:00 pm) and end at 10:00 am. The week prior to and during final exams, Quiet Hours will be in effect for twenty-four (24) hours.
b.   At all times, however, respect of others’ needs for quiet to sleep and study is expected, also known as Courtesy Hours. Instruments or amplification devices producing excessive volume, including, but not limited to subwoofers, are prohibited in the residence halls.

5.   Other Resident Policies: Other residence hall policies and cleaning standards (including those noted in the Resident Student Handbook), as defined by the Director of Housing and Residential Life or her/his designee. These policies will be properly communicated to the College community in a timely manner.
6.   Pets: Pets are not allowed in residence areas, with the exception of fish, which are kept in tanks that are 10 gallons or less and do not require filters, heaters or lights.
7.   Visitation: Students are expected to comply with the visitation option that has been established for each residence hall room. In all cases, a student’s right to have a quiet place to sleep and study takes precedence over utilizing a room for any other reason.
8.   Windows/Doors/Walls: In order to protect the safety and right to reasonable quiet of students within the residence areas and to protect the safety of those people who pass by the residence areas, the College has created guidelines for students regarding windows. Any student found in violation of this policy may be issued a $150 fine.
These include but are not limited to prohibitions against:
a.   Sitting or climbing on window ledges.
b.   Removing screens from windows.
c.   Excessive noise coming from windows (i.e. speakers on the windowsill or yelling out of the windows).
d.   Throwing, tossing or dropping items out of windows.
e.   Placing objects (such as antennae) outside of residence facility windows.
f.   Propping open external or hallway doors.
g.   Climbing/exiting or attempting to climb/exit through windows.
h.   Nails, tape, posting putty, etc. may not be used to fasten objects to the walls. (Consult Residential Life staff for a listing of approved adhesives).
i.    Nothing may be mounted on the inside/outside of the window. This includes decals, flags, signs, posters and electrical advertising.
j.    No items may be hung from the ceiling, ceiling light fixtures or curtains.