Residential Life Policies, Procedures and Expectations

 Each resident is expected to act in a way that promotes an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. The Housing and Residential Life Office is committed to providing an environment within the residence areas that encourages this atmosphere by expecting students to live according to reasonable standards and adhere to specific norms of behavior.

The College reserves the right:

1.   To accept or reject students for residency.
2.   To approve, upon request of a resident student, relocation within our residence facilities and to relocate resident students without consent for sufficient reason.
3.   To have students in residence carry a minimum of 12 credits and be enrolled as a full time undergraduate for the semester in which they are housed. All students living in residence must pay full tuition. Any request for exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Office of Housing and Residential Life.
4.   To refuse a student’s request for housing because the student’s room and/or apartment was left in poor condition at the end of the previous semester or year, because of disciplinary history and/or failure to comply with residence exiting procedures.
5.   To plan for the most efficient or effective use of the resident facilities which may entail a change in the following room reservation procedures:

A.  Concerning the request, occupation and withdrawal from residency, the administration of the College has declared the following:
1.   New and returning students must pay a room request deposit fee.
2.   This deposit assures a new freshman student of space only. Returning resident students who submit their Advance Room Deposit according to schedule are only ensured of the right to participate in the Housing Room Selection Process.
3.   Refund on Residence: Any student who withdraws from college housing but not from the College during the first week of a semester will be charged $50 for the room and will forfeit the room reservation deposit. Should a student withdraw after the first week and before the beginning of the fourth week, a refund of one-half residence charge will be made. For any withdrawal from college housing after the beginning of the fourth week, no refund will be allowed. The dates and amount of refunds posted in the Academic Calendar for tuition refunds apply to residence refunds as well.
4.   Students remaining in a build-up situation after the tuition refund date will be eligible for a room credit that will be applied to their student account. However, if a student declines a room build-up breakdown offer, then the credit will be forfeited.

B.  Concerning the location and relocation of resident students, the administration of the College has declared the following:
1.   Residents are allowed to request their rooms and roommates under certain guidelines established by the Director of Housing and Residential Life.
2.   The College reserves the right to relocate students. Relocation of a resident student, without his/her consent and unrelated to disciplinary and psychological reasons, is sometimes necessary for the good of the community. Due to the inconvenience involved, the Director of Housing and Residential Life or his/her designee will hold such relocations to a bare minimum.
3.   Room changes during the first semester are not permitted until the second week of classes for upper-class students. These changes and all subsequent changes must be approved by the Assistant/Associate Director and/or the Director of Housing and Residential Life. All unapproved room changes will result in disciplinary action and the directive for each student to return to his/her approved residence assignment.
4.   Freshmen are strongly encouraged to work out roommate conflicts. Residence changes will only be granted in extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the Resident Director.

C.  All residences must be kept clean, neat and orderly. Students are responsible for providing cleaning supplies and cleaning their own residence. Students living in suites and apartments are responsible for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas. The college only provides toilet paper in community residence hall areas.
D.  The College cannot assume responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property of a student. During summer vacations, no articles may be stored in student rooms. The College does not assume responsibility for articles stored elsewhere on campus. Students are encouraged to secure liability/theft insurance through their own family coverage and/or purchase supplemental insurance.
E.  When a student vacates his/her room, or withdraws from housing and/or the College the apartment/room key must be turned in to the RD. For security reasons a vacating student will be charged for a new lock if all keys are not accounted for. Any unclaimed items may be donated to charity.
F.   When a student is locked out of his/her room; the following procedures should be followed:
1.   When a room lock-out occurs it is the responsibility of the student to locate his/her roommate in order to gain access to the room or use other campus facilities until the roommate makes contact.
2.   Sunday – Saturday, RA or RD staff will handle room lock-outs 7:00 p.m. until 12 midnight.
3.   Sunday – Saturday, assistance for a room lock-out after 12 midnight until 2:00 p.m. the following day will be handled by the Office of Safety & Security at 575-3000, ext. 2282.
4.   RD staff has office hours in their respective areas and are available to assist with lock-outs provided they have no scheduled appointment.
5.   Saturday and Sunday from 2:00-7:00 p.m., the Duty RD will address all lock-outs.  To contact the Duty RD during this time call the Office of Safety & Security at 575-3000, ext. 2282.
6.   Room lock-outs will be done at the availability of staff as identified above. It may not be possible for a lock-out to be done immediately.