Student Membership and Usage Policy

The McCann Recreation and Fitness Centers are for the use of the Marist College community. The following members of the Marist College student community are eligible for membership to the James J. McCann Recreation and Fitness Center at no cost.

1.   Full-time undergraduate students who pay the activities fee; and
2.   Part-time undergraduate students who pay the activities fee.
3.   Guests will be allowed to use the McCann Recreation Center ONLY when accompanied by a member.

a.   Guests must display picture I.D. when entering.
b.   Members must accompany and assume full responsibility for their guests at all times while using the McCann Center. Guests under the age of 10 will only be admitted when accompanied by an adult member.
c.   The Center reserves the right to limit guests to one per member.
d.   All members and guests must enter through the main entrance; no one will be allowed to enter without displaying picture identification.
e.   Guests may NOT access the Fitness Center.

4.   There is no smoking allowed in the building.
5.   For more extensive information on the rules and usage policy of individual McCann facilities and playing fields students should contact the Associate Athletic Director for Facilities and Operations.


The McCann Center and Fitness Center operate the same hours and are listed in the McCann Center schedule. Building hours may be altered due to usage, special events, college vacations and unforeseen emergencies. Special events, athletic practices and competitions may require the closing of all or part of the McCann Center. Schedule changes will be listed in the McCann Center schedule when possible, and in areas affected with as much advance notice as possible and at the discretion of the Department of Athletics.


The College insists that the following dress standards be adhered to while using the Recreation Center: regulation athletic t-shirts and shorts, warm-up suits, sweat suits, tennis attire and sneakers. In addition, articles of clothing containing buttons, buckles or zippers are not allowed in the Fitness Center.

The College also requests that the following dress standards be adhered to while using the pool:

Male: Tank trunks, boxer type knits (swimming style only), nylon cord, and most combination of conventional types of bathing suits will be accepted. No cut-off shorts will be allowed.

Female: Tank suits, two piece, one piece, and most other combinations of the conventional type of bathing suits will be accepted.

Marking black-soled shoes are not permitted in the Field house, Racquetball Courts, Dance Studio, Fitness Center Gymnasium or the Fitness Center.


In case of fire, vacate building immediately. Use the closest exit and walk 50 feet from the building. Fire alarms and extinguishers are posted conspicuously throughout the building. Do not use the elevator in an emergency. Members and users must obey the directions of the Center staff. Lack of cooperation may result in loss of membership and/or privileges. For additional fire safety information and annual fire stat for residence, you can visit


If any injury occurs, please see the supervisor on duty or Control Desk attendant.  Limited first aid supplies are available and will be dispensed upon notification of injury. An accident report on each injury MUST be completed by the injured individual and the supervisor on duty.


A monthly schedule of the McCann Center is available at the Control Desk in the lobby of the McCann Center. For further information call 575-3699 (FOXX) and press appropriate number. For updated scores and information, call 575-3699, Ext. 5.