Violation of Law and College Discipline

A. If a student is charged only with an off-campus violation of Federal, State or local law, but not with any other violation of this Code, disciplinary action may be taken and sanctions imposed by the Vice President for Student Affairs and/or designee for grave misconduct which demonstrates flagrant disregard for the College community.

B. College disciplinary proceedings may be instituted against a student  charged with a violation of a law that is also a violation of the Code, for example, if both violations result from the same factual situation, without regard to the status of civil litigation in court or criminal arrest and prosecution.  Proceedings  under this Code may be carried out prior to, simultaneously with, or following civil or criminal proceedings off-campus.

C. When a student is charged by Federal, State or local authorities with a violation of law, the College will not request or agree to special consideration for that individual because of his/her status as a student. If the alleged offense is also the subject of a proceeding before a student conduct body under the Code of Student Conduct the College may advise off-campus authorities of the existence of the Code of Student Conduct and of how such matters will be handled internally within the College community. The College will cooperate fully with law enforcement and other agencies in the enforcement of criminal law on/off campus and in the conditions imposed by criminal courts for the rehabilitation of student violators. Individual students, faculty and staff members, acting in their personal capacities, remain free to interact with governmental representatives as they deem appropriate.