A Message from President David Yellen

I am pleased to present information on Marist College's efforts to make our campus cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Marist has been a longtime leader in preserving and protecting the Hudson River Valley, and we are very proud of our commitment to sustainability. The  College has made significant environmental accomplishments over the past years and this website provides ideas for additional actions that can be taken to protect our planet. I urge you to pay particular attention to the section on what you as individuals can do to make a positive impact.

It is important for all organizations to be concerned about our environment, but colleges and universities must take the lead in educating people about the issues related to sustainability, as well as setting an example of environmental stewardship. We must also ensure that we address issues based on good research and sound science. Marist is justifiably proud of its record, and I thank you for your support as we continue our efforts to find sustainable solutions to today's environmental challenges.

Growing a Green Campus
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In 2007, President Emeritus Dennis Murray established the Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC). CSAC's first task was to review the environmental work that Marist had previously completed and to suggest items that should be on the college's agenda going forward, both at the institutional and individual levels. The following is a summary of our major initiatives.

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