Campus Events - Academic Year 2011-2012

Listing of events held during the academic year, 2011-2012:

The College's Fifth Annual Campus Sustainability Day took place on Thursday, March 29, 2012.  The theme for the event was "Stewardship of the Commons" and featured a day-long series of events focusing on environmental sustainability issues, including workshops, panel discussions, films, exhibits, and keynote speakers.  To learn more about the schedule of events and other information, you can read the 2012 Sustainability Day page.

Film screening of Gasland with Mr. Josh Fox, documentary filmmaker and Academy Award-nominee

On Wednesday, April 4, in the Nelly Goletti Theatre there was a film screening of Gasland, followed by a question and answer period with Mr. Josh Fox.  Gasland is is a gripping, timely, and necessary film about the largest domestic natural gas drilling boom in history.

In 2008, Fox received a letter from a natural gas company interested in leasing his family’s land that sits atop the Marcellus Shale in Milanville, PA for drilling. Disturbed by the letter, he embarked on an odyssey to glean as much information as possible about natural gas drilling in the US—with movie camera in hand. The result is a powerful film about "fracking", short for hydraulic fracturing which is the propagation of fractures in a rock layer caused by the presence of a pressurized fluid in order to create new channels in the rock which can increase the extraction rates and ultimate recovery of fossil fuels.

Throughout the filming, Fox reached out to scientists, politicians and gas industry executives and ultimately found himself in the halls of Congress as a subcommittee, discussing the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act, “a bill to amend the Safe Drinking Water Act to repeal a certain exemption for hydraulic fracturing.”   The film is known for its mix of gripping narrative, heightened imagery and its commitment to socially conscious themes and subjects.

The film was a finalist for an Academy Award for Best Documentary.  Conceived of, directed, narrated, and filmed by Josh Fox, Gasland premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and won six major awards: a Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize, a Big Sky Documentary Film Festival Artistic Vision award, a Thin Line Film Festival Audience Award, a Yale Environmental Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, and a Sarasota Film Festival Special Jury Prize. The film premiered on HBO in June 2010 and received Emmy nominations for cinematography, writing, and exceptional merit for nonfiction filmmaking, and won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Direction for Nonfiction Programming. Gasland is dedicated to the non-profit organization Damascus Citizens for Sustainability (DCS).

This event was sponsored through the collaborative effort of the following college offices and organizations: Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee, Schools of Communications, Liberal Arts, Management, Science, Social and Behavioral Science, Student Government Association Green Committee (SGA Green), Students Encouraging Environmental Decisions (SEED), Young Democrats, Young Republicans, World Film Festival