Campus Events - Academic Year 2012-2013

Listing of events held during the academic year, 2013-2014:

  • Tuesday, November 5, CSAC sponsored a webinar on "Creating a Sustainable Digital Campus"
  • Thursday, February 27, CSAC sponsored the college's 7th Annual Campus Sustainability Day, "Sustainability Today For A Brighter Tomorrow" featuring a variety of speakers, films, workshops and vendor exhibits.  Keynote speakers included             Mr. Steve Rosenberg, Executive Director of the Scenic Hudson Land Trust and Senior Vice President of Scenic Hudson, Inc., Mr. Christian Klezl, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, IBM along with the films Tapped and Island Paradise.
  • Wednesday, May 7, CSAC sponsored the 2nd Annual Campus Electronics Waste Recycling Day and collected 4,842 pounds of electronic equipment.
  • CSAC organized a Marist Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program on campus for students, faculty and staff in cooperation with Glebocki Farms, Goshen, New York