Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC) Members

  • Steve Sansola, Associate Dean for Student Affairs , (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Jessica Boscarino, Assistant Professor, Political Science, (Co-Chair)
  • Genesis Abreu '15
  • Beth Ainsworth, Operations Director, Campus Dining Services
  • Ted Alban, Sustainability and Marketing Manager, Campus Dining Services
  • Dr. Geoffrey Bracket, Executive Vice President (ex-officio)
  • Kathryn Budzinski, Admissions Counselor
  • Justin Butwell, Director of Physical Plant
  • Hannah Carr '17
  • Alyssa Ciecwisz '15
  • Deanna Devito '15
  • Samantha Devito '15
  • Dr. Patricia Ferrer-Medina, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Cultures
  • Elizabeth (Lizzie) Grisafi '15
  • Carla Hill, Teaching Associate, Computer Science
  • Dr. Ray Kepner, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Colleen Kopchik, Integrated Marketing Communication Fellow
  • Kathleen LaBarbera, Manager, Client Services
  • Courtney Lawlor ‘15
  • Sarah Lembo '15
  • Dr. Tom Lynch, Associate Professor of Environmental Science
  • Dr. Justin Myers, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Philip Prince' 16
  • Samantha Ricco '15
  • Dr. Caroline Rider, Associate Professor, School of Management
  • Dr. Josh Robbins, Assistant Professor, School of Communications
  • William Vrachopoulos '15

If you are interested in learning more about CSAC, please contact a member