Results in from Marist College's 3rd Dumpster Dive!

Dumpster Dive

The results are in from Marist's third solid waste stream assessment exercise which was conducted October 10, 2007. Components of the Marist College solid waste stream were examined for the amounts and types of waste being disposed of to see whether voluntary recycling here on campus is actually working.

Random samples of solid waste (i.e. garbage bags) were sampled from dumpsters at Sheahan/Leo, Midrise, and Upper West Cedar residence facilities. Data from a total of 9 bags of waste originating from these 3 locations fulfilled our quality control criteria and provided useable data. The total mass of waste sorted into various categories was 36.5 kg.

Dumpster Dive

The relative mass of currently recyclable materials in this sampling of Marist College waste was again lower than in our Fall '06 sampling. Recyclable paper, glass, plastic, metal and corrugated cardboard made up 35 % of the waste by weight (Fig. 1). In Fall '06, these same recyclables made up a whopping 52 % of all waste. Thus, we've improved from over half the sampled waste being recyclables to less than a third of the sampled waste being material that should have been recycled. The two Dumpster Dives conducted in '07 discovered less than half the amount of recyclable paper and glass as was observed in our first (F '06) assessment, however the amount of recyclable cardboard (e.g, pizza boxes & other corrugated cardboard) in the waste stream may be increasing.

Fall '07 Recycling Stats Figure 1. Marist College solid waste categorization by mass as determined in three samplings (F '06 = 14 bags totaling 68 kg,
S '07 = 18 bags totaling 67 kg, and F '07 = 9 bags totaling 36.5 kg.)

Dumpster Dive Dumpster Dive