Brittany MacLeod Brittany MacLeod

Program: Business

Hometown: Franklin, MA
High School: Franklin High School
Major: Comm- Advertising

Why did you decide to participate in Pre-College? I decided to do the Summer Business Institute because I was very anxious about college and knew that Pre-College would be a perfect opportunity to get a sneak peek of what college classes and life are  really like. Marist was one of my top choices and I knew that Pre-College would help me decide if Marist was the right school for me. It was!

What was the best part of your experience?  The best part of Pre-College was getting to meet so many different people from ALL over the world. I had never gone to sleep away camp when I was little, so the Pre-College program was my first experience meeting people my own age from around the globe. I loved learning about where they were from and seeing how much we had in common even though we did not live very close to one another. It was refreshing to know that everyone had the same anxiety about college that I did.

How was your experience with the Professors/Academic Program?  The professors were what sold Marist to me! I had the BEST professors at Pre-College.  Professor Ken Coletti and Dr. David Gavin made the Business Institute very enjoyable, and took the time to get to learn more about me than just my name. Seeing how much they cared about my individual success convinced me that I needed a college like Marist. I knew I would be treated well here and that people would go out of their way to help me if I ever needed anything.

Would you recommend this program to others? I would recommend this program to someone else in a heartbeat! After I left the Pre-College program, it was all I talked about until I actually got to Marist for my freshmen year! I still talk about it today, and I wish every high school student could participate in the program. It is such a good way to settle any apprehension about college because students really get a taste of college life. After participating in the Pre-College program, I was much calmer about my college search. I finally picked my number one school (Marist, obviously!)

 Did this program help you prepare for and transition into college? After attending the Marist Pre-College program, there was no other college that I wanted to go to other than Marist. My experiences in the Pre-College program helped me focus my senior year in high school because I knew what I wanted in my future. I did everything I could to make sure I would get accepted to Marist. Once I was accepted, I was already prepared to pack for school--I knew what not to forget this time!