Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

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Sexual misconduct including sexual assault, dating/relationship violence, domestic violence, and stalking are violations of Marist College's standards of conduct and the State of New York Penal Code. Members of the College community, guests and visitors have the right to be free from sexual violence and any form of gender-based discrimination prohibited by Title IX. All members of the campus community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others. When a responding party is found to have violated this policy, sanctions will be imposed based on the nature of the case. This policy is intended to define community expectations and to establish a mechanism for determining when those expectations have been violated. The sexual orientation and/or gender identity of individuals engaging in sexual activity is not relevant to allegations under this policy.

While there are a number of laws and regulations that mandate how colleges and universities handle allegations of sexual misconduct and assault, it is impossible to define every scenario that could be a violation of this policy. Ultimately, the College has the discretion to determine whether or not the policy has been violated and impose appropriate sanctions for infractions.

Building a Healthy Community

Violence based on sex and/or gender, including sexual assault, concerns most of the world's colleges and universities, including Marist College. Marist College aims to prevent and respond to sexual assault, dating/intimate partner/domestic violence, stalking, and sexual harassment through prevention training, collaboration, outreach, and advocacy. This website offers information and resources to prepare our community about sexual assault prevention, awareness, and what healthy relationships entail.

The resources provided on this site are to assist and educate members of the Marist community, support a survivor immediately after an assault, and to provide information to the family and friends of survivors.

Because the knowledge and resources available about relationships and sexual aggression continues to grow, new information will be posted to this website on an ongoing basis. It is our intention to continue to build a healthy campus culture of support and good-will.

Should you have suggestions for the site, please don't hesitate to contact the Title IX Coordinator:

Marist College’s Title IX Coordinator

Christina Daniele
Director of Human Resources
120 Donnelly Hall
Marist College

Report an Incident



Report a sexual assualt or harassment incident whether it involves you, a friend, co-worker, another student, or your partner.
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For more information on your rights and options as a survivor of sexual assault.
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Prevention and Education



It's On Us is a campaign of Generation Progress & The White House. The campaign's mission is to change the culture around campus sexual assault. View the Marist College videos and follow It's On Us on social media.
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