Equity Resolution Panel (ERP)

The Equity Resolution Panel, made up of trained faculty, staff, and/or administrators is charged with hearing cases brought before them that violate the Colleges discrimination policies including Title IX violations.  Most panels will consist of three (3) individuals.  Members of the ERP are trained in all aspects of the grievance (hearing) process, and can serve in any of the following roles, and the direction of the Title IX Coordinator or designee:

  • To provide sensitive intake and initial counseling to reporting parties
  • To serve in a mediation role in conflict resolution
  • To investigate reports of discrimination
  • To act as advocates to those involved in the process
  • To serve on hearing panels  
  • To serve on appeal panels

ERP members also recommend proactive policies, and serve in an educative role for the community. The President, in consultation with the Associate Vice President for Human Resources or designee, appoints the panel, which reports to the Title IX Coordinator. ERP members receive annual training organized by the Title IX Coordinator or designee, including a review of College policies and procedures, so that they are able to provide accurate information to members of the community. All ERP members are required to attend this annual training.