Intake for Reported Misconduct

Following receipt of notice or a report of misconduct, the Title IX Coordinator or designee[i] will conduct an initial Title IX assessment.  The goal of this assessment is to provide an integrated and coordinated response to these reports.  The assessment will consider the nature of the report, the safety of the individual, the campus community, and the reporting parties’ preference for resolution.  In addition, the Title IX Coordinator or designee will notify the reporting party of their right to use an advisor of their choice (including attorneys) who can provide support during the grievance process. The reporting party may choose an advisor/advocate, if preferred, or proceed without an advisor/advocate. Normally, within two business days, an initial determination is made whether a policy violation may have occurred and/or whether conflict resolution might be appropriate.  If the reported misconduct does not appear to violate a policy violation or if conflict resolution is desired by the reporting party, and appears appropriate given the nature of the alleged behavior, then the report does not proceed to investigation, unless a pattern of misconduct is suspected. 

A full investigation will necessarily be pursued if there is evidence of a pattern of misconduct or a perceived threat of further harm to the community or any of its members.  The College aims to complete all investigations within a 60 calendar day time period, which can be extended as necessary for appropriate cause by the Title IX Coordinator or designee with notice to the parties.

[i] If circumstances require, the President or Title IX Coordinator or designee may designate another person to oversee the process below, should a grievance be made against the Coordinator or the Coordinator be otherwise unavailable or unable to fulfill their duties.