Male Survivors                                                                                

Sexual assault is devastating to all victims, regardless of gender, and you may experience feelings and reactions that are shared by both male and female victims. There are special issues that may be different for you. For example, you may be feeling some doubt about your sexuality or your masculinity if the offender was also a male. Remember, sexual assault is often a crime of violence and power. You have done nothing to justify this attack. At no point and under no circumstance does a person have the right to violate another person's body.

You may also be reluctant to be examined by a medical professional. You may hesitate to report the assault to law enforcement officials for fear of ridicule or fearing that they won't believe you. The same feelings apply to telling other people you know and to finding appropriate resources and support. This is true even if you experienced the assault when you were very young and only now are realizing that you need help.

You need to know that whether you are:

  • Muscular or skinny
  • Tall or short
  • Outgoing or withdrawn
  • Straight, gay, bisexual, or questioning
  • Old or young
  • Transgender or cisgender

...whatever your physical appearance, it is not your fault and you are not alone. You may need special support. There are several resources available to you, both on-campus and in the community. For on-campus resources, please contact Health Services, Counseling Center, Campus Security, Human Resources, or the Dean of Students Office.

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