Notification of Charges

At least one week prior to the hearing, or as far in advance as is reasonably possible if an accelerated hearing is scheduled with the consent of the parties, the Title IX Coordinator or designee will send a letter to the parties with the following information. Once mailed, emailed and/or received in-person, notice will be presumptively delivered. The letter will contain:

  • A description of the alleged violation(s), a description of the applicable procedures and a statement of the potential sanctions/responsive actions that could result.
  • The time, date and location of the hearing and a reminder that attendance is mandatory. If any party does not appear at the scheduled hearing, the hearing will be held in their absence. For compelling reasons, the Title IX Coordinator or designee may reschedule the hearing.
  • The parties may have the assistance of an advisor/advocate at the hearing.  Typically, advocates are members of the campus community, but the parties may select whomever they wish to serve as their advocate including attorneys. Note that the advocate may not make a presentation or represent the reporting party or responding party during the hearing.  The parties to the hearing are expected to ask and respond to questions on their own behalf, without representation by their advisor/advocate. The advisor/advocate may consult with the advisee quietly or in writing, or outside the hearing during breaks, but may not speak on behalf of the advisee to the panel.
  • Hearings for possible violations that occur near or after the end of an academic term will be held immediately after the end of the term or during the summer, as needed, to meet the resolution timeline followed by the College and remain within the 60-day goal for resolution.