Interim Remedies

If, in the judgment of the Title IX Coordinator or designee, the safety or well-being of any member(s) of the campus community may be jeopardized by the presence on-campus of the accused individual or the ongoing activity of a student organization whose behavior is in question, the Title IX Coordinator or designee may provide interim remedies intended to address the short-term effects of harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation, i.e., to redress harm to the alleged victim and the community and to prevent further violations. These remedies may include referral to counseling and health services or to the Employee Assistance Program, education to the community, altering the housing situation of an accused student or resident employee (or the alleged victim, if desired), altering work arrangements for employees, providing campus escorts, implementing contact limitations between the parties, offering adjustments to academic deadlines, course schedules, etc. 

The College may interim suspend a student, employee or organization pending the completion of ERP investigation and procedures. The appropriate administrative officer or Title IX Coordinator/designee has sole discretion to implement an interim suspension under the policy on Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct, and to determine its conditions and duration. Violation of an interim suspension under this policy will be grounds for dismissal or termination. 

During an interim suspension or administrative leave, a student or employee may be denied access to College housing and/or the College campus/facilities/events. As determined by the appropriate administrative officer or Title IX Coordinator/designee this restriction can include classes and/or all other College activities or privileges for which the student or employee might otherwise be eligible. At the discretion of the appropriate administrative officer or Title IX Coordinator/designee alternative coursework options may be pursued to ensure as minimal an impact as possible on the accused student or employee.

Both the accused or respondent and the reporting individual will, upon request be afforded a prompt review of the need for and terms of an interim suspension, including potential modification, and will be allowed to submit evidence in support of his or her request.