Resolution Without a Hearing

Resolution without a hearing can be pursued for any behavior that falls within the policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct, at any time during the process.  The Title IX Coordinator or designee will provide written notification of reported misconduct to any member of the College community who is accused of an offense of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation.  The Title IX Coordinator or designee together with the investigator(s) will meet with the responding individual to explain the finding(s) of the investigation.  Once informed, the responding party may choose to admit responsibility for the alleged policy violations at any point in the process.  If so, the Title IX Coordinator or designee will render a finding that the individual is in violation of College policy for the admitted conduct.  For admitted violations, the Chair of the ERP will recommend an appropriate sanction or responsive action.  If the sanction/responsive action is accepted by both the reporting party and responding party, the Title IX Coordinator or designee will implement it, and act promptly and effectively to remedy the effects of the admitted conduct upon the victim and the community.  If either party rejects the sanction/responsive action, an ERP formal hearing will be held, according to the ERP procedures below, except in the case of at-will employees for whom findings and responsive actions will be determined by the Associate Vice President for Human Resources in collaboration with the Title IX Coordinator or designee, based on the results of the investigation.  If reported misconduct is resolved at this stage, the Title IX Coordinator or designee will inform the accused individual and the reporting party of the final determination within 10 business days of the resolution, without significant time delay between notifications. Notification will be made in writing and may be delivered by one or more of the following methods: in person; mailed to the local or permanent address of the parties as indicated in official College records; or emailed to the parties’ College-issued email account. Once mailed, emailed and/or received in-person, notice will be presumptively delivered.