Diversity at Marist

Diversity Council

The Marist College Diversity Council fulfills an advisory role to the President of the College in matters related to diversity, inclusion, and equity.  Comprised of members from across the College appointed by the President, the Council is a hub for strategic and collaborative thinking. The Council works alongside the Diversity Leadership which includes the Special Assistant to the President for Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement (DICE) and the Director for Academic Diversity and Inclusion to set the diversity agenda of the College.

Diversity Council Members

Al Abdelrahman

Haseeb Arroon

Melinda Martinez

Alyssa Gates       

Iris Ruiz-Grech

Bro. Michael Flanigan

*Christine Mulvey

James Snyder

*Patricia Ferrer-Medina

Colin McCann

Jessica Macias

Stacy Williams

Dashawn Jones

Julio A. Torres, Jr.

Tim Murray

Desmond Murray

Katy Silberger


Harrison Baker

Maryellen Conway


* Denotes Co-chair of the Council

Council’s Ex-Officio Members

  • Special Assistant to the President for Diversity, Inclusion, & Community Engagement
  • Director for Academic Diversity and Inclusion
  • Vice President for Inclusion, Student Government Association

Current Committees

Communications, Co-chaired by Melinda Martinez & Colin McCann

  • Review and recommend a communication strategy for promoting and celebrating diversity within the internal and external communities.

Outreach, Inclusion, & Access, Co-chaired by Alyssa Gates & Jessica Macias

  • Identify, recommend, and/or provide the campus community with educational programs that promote diversity and inclusion, and advocate for those in need of a voice on the Marist community.

Recruitment and Retention, Chaired by Haseeb Arroon

  • Review the College’s student, faculty and staff recruitment and retention practices and provide recommendations to help foster a diverse campus community.

Training and Assessment, Chaired by Iris Ruiz-Grech 

  • Review and recommend appropriate diversity training and assessment resources for students, faculty, and staff in collaboration with offices across the institution.

Please take a look at the Summer 2018 Edition of Diversity Works Magazine, a publication produced by and for Marist students.