About Marist College

Our Hudson Valley Campus

Marist College is located in the middle of the beautiful and historic Hudson River Valley, just 75 miles from metropolitan New York City. More than three hundred years of New York history can be found in Dutchess and the surrounding counties, and it is all offered to area visitors, accompanied by breathtaking views.

Bounded on one side by the majestic Hudson River, the College sits just minutes from the homes of some of this country's most influential people. A must-see on any visitor's schedule is the home and museum of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Val-Kill, Eleanor Roosevelt's retreat, both just a short distance from Marist.

When you plan your visit to Marist, you may want to build a little extra time into your schedule to explore and to discover all that the Hudson River Valley has to offer.

For information about how to get to our Hudson Valley campus, visit our Directions page!

The Beautiful Marist Campus

The best view of campus is your own! We offer visits regularly throughout the year and welcome you to come see our beautiful campus on the banks of the Hudson River for yourself.

Marist in Florence

Marist College’s branch campus is located in the center of the beautiful and historic Tuscan city of Florence. Florence is approximately 180 miles (290 km) from Rome and 188 miles (300 km) from Milan. Florence is a World Heritage Site and played a pivotal role in the Renaissance. Florence provides its visitors with a rich account of art history, design, and architecture. The region’s passion for cuisine is well documented.

Marist’s urban campus is nestled among the many shops, cafes, markets, and historical sites that make up the character and spirit of Florence. For centuries, Florence has attracted visitors with its wide array of museums, archives, and exhibits dedicated to its most famous residents, including Dante, Michelangelo, Machiavelli, and Galileo.

Marist Italy

When you plan your visit to the Marist Branch Campus, you may want to build a little extra time into your schedule to explore and to discover all that this Tuscan city has to offer.