Marist Abroad: Accommodations and Accessibility 


Students with disabilities who have questions about study abroad should feel free to contact the Marist Abroad office for further discussion and information on available support while abroad. Students are encouraged to approach our office early in the admissions process for discussion of program choice and the types of support available at various study abroad sites.

Specific factors may exist in the international context that do not exist in the domestic context. Therefore, it is important for students with disabilities to reach out to the Marist Office of Accommodations and Accessibility early in their program search.  It is important to remember that just as culture differs from country to country, so do the attitudes, accommodations and disability services available to students.  Planning ahead is the key to having a successful study abroad experience! 

Below are a few resources for students studying abroad interested in learning more about Accommodations and Accessibility:


Marist College Accommodations and Accessibility

It is the mission of the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility to provide individualized support to students with disabilities to ensure access to a complete education, to promote full independence in the academic environment and the greater society, and to increase awareness and sensitivity of the campus and community of the need of individuals with disabilities. They are located in Donnelly 226. 


Mobility International

Founded in 1981, Mobility International USA (MIUSA) is a disability-led non-profit organization headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, USA advancing disability rights and leadership globally. Mobility International works to empower people with disabilities to achieve their human rights through international exchange and international development. 


Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad has prepared a series of short articles on traveling with a disability. Additionally, Transitions has collected information about overseas programs, articles, organizations, and additional resources for students interested in traveling. Articles cover subjects addressing traveling, studying, and living abroad.