Globetrotter Submission Guidelines

Have a story to tell from abroad? Want to be a published author? Have photos you want to share? Submit an essay or photos for the next Globetrotter: Reflections from Abroad magazine!

In 500-1000 words, tell us about something that happened to you abroad, a “critical incident” you encountered, and what you learned from it. Some guiding points:

  • What was the experience? How did it confuse you, or present a problem? How did you work through it? What broader skills, perspective, and knowledge did you gain because of the problem? 
  • Alternatively, what made your study abroad experience unique? Were you involved in local organizations, special academic opportunities, etc.? 
  • Articles are usually 500 to 1000 words. We encourage photo submissions along with your essay.
  • Not interested in submitting an essay? Send us your photos - we love photos! 
  • It may be initially difficult to identify a single, critical event to write about. In fact, it is most often only after returning home and going through the re-entry process that we can clearly identify these events. We encourage you to think and reflect on the impact of your overseas experience. 

Before you start to write, take a look at past issues of the Globetrotter to get an idea of the types of essays we publish:

Submit your essay as soon as possible, as we’re already putting together the 2017-2018 issue!

 Any questions? Email us at, or stop by Hancock 2007.