Summer Session Study Abroad Programs



Marist College Summer Study Abroad Programs

 Marist Summer Program Application Notes:


2018 Marist Summer Programs:

Marist Abroad: ASPIRE Finance Program

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Staff: Prof. Finnegan and Prof. Haughey

Academic Focus: School of Management

Photo of Dublin

Course and Travel Dates:

June 24 - August 3, 2018




2017 Marist Summer Programs:

Marist Italy: Florence - ASPIRE Finance Program

Location: Florence, Italy

Staff: Prof. Finnigan and Prof. Haughey

Academic Focus: School of Management

Field Biology Machu Picchu

Course Dates:*

June 13 - July 28, 2017

Travel Dates:*

June 18 - July 28, 2017



Marist Italy: Florence - Summer Session

Location: Florence, Italy

Staff: Lorenzo de Medici Faculty

Academic Focus: LdM Summer course catalog


Session 1 Dates:

May 31 - June 29, 2017

Session 2 Dates:

July 6 - August 4, 2017




Marist Paris: Fashion Internship Program

Location: Paris, France

Staff: Prof. Juan-Manuel Olivera-Silvera

Academic Focus: Fashion

Paris Summer Internship Program

Course Dates:

May - July, 2017



Venice Biennale Art Program

Location: Venice, Italy

Staff: Prof. Ed Smith and Prof. Elisa Gradi

Academic Focus: Studio Art and Art History

Marist Biennale

Course Dates:

June 3 - July 2, 2017



Continued Global Impact of World War II on Science & Technology**

Location: Poland and Germany

Staff: Prof. Joanna Huyck

Academic Focus: Professional Studies / Professional Programs

Science and Technology

Course Dates:

August 6 - 15, 2017






Non-Marist Summer Study Abroad Programs

Interested in studying abroad in the summer months, but not with one of Marist's programs?

Non-Marist Summer Program Application notes:

Courses taken over the summer at other institutions can be approved for Marist credit. The procedure to transfer credit is outlined here.

Non-Marist Summer Programs:

Many organizations offer a variety of study abroad programs for credit. If you are interested in taking summer session courses abroad, the following organizations are a good place to start: