The College Experience

Course Description:

This course addresses the needs of freshmen who have not declared a major. Topics include transition issues, information on schools and majors, and the Core; time management, learning styles, study skills and stress management. The course requires participation in the Majors Fair and/or a cultural event. Students will become familiar with web-based registration and student services. Presentations from the Center for Career Services and the Marist International Programs (MIP) are also included. Offered fall semester only.

Number of Credits 1

Transition Issues:

Students will view a video discussion by upper-class Marist students regarding transition issues. A class discussion will follow, and finally the students will be presented with resources and services available at the College.

Time Management Description:

Students should spend their time engaging in activities they value and that relate to their goals. This topic will help students clarify their values and define their goals. Students will evaluate how they spend their time in relationship to the completion of their goals. A semester schedule, a weekly schedule, and a daily schedule will be presented along with the top ten Time Management principles.

Stress Management:

Students will be exposed to the unique causes of stress in a college environment and will learn various techniques to deal with these different causes of stress. Students will also be guided to the appropriate resources both on and off campus to handle the stress in their lives.

Schools and Disciplines:

Each school at Marist College will be described, and the various majors and minors within the school will be delineated for students by the deans of the respective schools. Personal attributes necessary for success in various fields will be discussed. In addition, students will be provided with information about potential careers associated with the majors.

Marist’s Core/Liberal Studies Program:

Students learn the value of a liberal arts education, particularly as it relates to their future careers. This is followed by an explanation of the Core course requirements and how they relate to each other. Upperclassmen will share their thoughts and experiences with Core courses, and finally students will complete a planning sheet by listing the Core courses they are currently taking.

Majors Fair:

The annual fall Majors Fair will assist students in finding a major, changing a major, and choosing a minor. The Majors Fair will also provide students with the opportunity to speak with faculty and students in a major of interest.

Registration Workshop:

The objective of the Registration Workshop is to enable students to have a clear understanding of the College’s registration process, the resources available to provide them with crucial information (their audit, the college catalog, available courses, a template for developing a schedule), and an opportunity to discuss and question an academic advisor in a classroom setting.

Academic Advising:

The primary goal of academic advising is to provide on-going academic guidance to the undergraduate student population at Marist College. Students in the Freshman Forum have a primary advisor from the School of Liberal Arts or the mathematics department. Their Freshman Forum instructor, who acts as their secondary advisor, provides a personal advising session to each student.

Center for Career Services and Marist International Programs (MIP) Presentations:

For more information regarding Marist College Career Services and the Marist International Programs (MIP), please click on the following links.