FYS 101   Cannibals & Zombies of the Caribbean

 This course takes as its object of study the popular figure of the flesh or brain-eating zombie with the purpose of
breaking it apart, studying its origins, and understanding its political and cultural significance. More specifically,
the course will introduce students to the analytical study of cannibals and zombies as figures used to represent
ethnic others within the colonial context of the Caribbean.  Then, we will turn to contemporary representations of
the cannibal/zombie to diachronically ascertain continuities and discontinuities and draw out links between
contemporary representations of zombie apocalypse and the European colonial project in the Americas.  Through
the reading of primary and secondary texts, as well as the study of early modern woodcuts and 20th and 21st century
films, students will explore the ecological, social, religious, and ethical aspects of the Caribbean cannibal/zombie
attempting to deconstruct how the figure has been used as a cultural marker that justifies political disenfranchisement
within the (neo)colonial discourse of the region.