Contemporary European Studies Pathway

 The Contemporary European Studies Pathway explores modern-day Europe from a broad range of
 perspectives, providing students with a strong grounding in the culture and politics of the continent.

Your Pathway must contain 4 courses drawn from at least 3 of the disciplinary areas listed below. Honors, special-topics, and study-abroad courses may be used in Pathways if they have been approved for this purpose.

Fine Arts
ART 365 History of 19th Century Art
ART 366 History of 20th Century Art
ITAL 308 Italian Cinema
History (maximum 2 courses)
HIST 207 History of the Holocaust
HIST 252 Modern Europe
HIST 261 Russian History, 1801-1917
HIST 262 Russian Revolution
HIST 263 Eastern Europe and Russian from 1928 to the Present
Literature (maximum 2 courses)
ENG 213 English Literature II
ENG 261 Spanish Literature in Translation *cross-listed SPAN 222
ENG 321 English Drama II
ENG 363 Modern Drama
Modern Languages (maximum 2 courses)
Language courses in Italian, German, French, or Spanish (any proficiency level)
ITAL 308 Italian Cinema
Philosophy (maximum 2 courses)
PHIL 242 Existentialism
PHIL 323 19th and Early 20th Century Philosophy
PHIL 324 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
PHIL 325 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
PHIL 340 Marx and Marxism
Social Science
POSC 233 Modern Political Thought
POSC 251 European Politics
Non-Breadth Option
CRJU 377 Politics of Crime and Terrorism *prereq POSC 110 or CRJU 101