Eligibility & Recruitment:

  • Cumulative G.P.A. of 3.6 or better; potential for leadership; commitment to service activities
  • First-semester freshmen are identified by their achievements in these areas and evaluated on involvement during their first semester at Marist
  • Second-semester freshmen are contacted and then invited to join
  • Upperclassmen are eligible, and may be invited by the Dean on a rolling basis
  • Coordinated by the Graduate School and Fellowship Advisor
  • Final selections are made by the Deans and the Academic Vice President

The Benefits

The Deans provide a special role for members:

  • Advise their students directly or select an advisor appropriate to the student's curriculum
  • Build relationships with students through individual meetings and special events
  • Identify possibilities for research or extra curricular activities and connect students with mentors

The Graduate School and Fellowship Advisor serves as coordinator for the Deans' Circle program.

  • Liaison to faculty and administrators
  • Facilitates application process for fellowships/scholarships
  • Helps to identify opportunities and provide resources through workshops and information sessions
  • Develops programs and events