Student Learning Outcomes

The Honors Program's goals are closely linked to Marist College's goals:

 Academic Excellence – To create enriched educational opportunities for capable, strongly prepared, highly motivated students that reflect a level of challenge suitable to this group both within and outside of the classroom.

Civic Learning and Leadership – To contribute to the development of the students' abilities to lead, promote, and actively participate in civic learning projects that effect positive change, and to be effective team members.

Integrity – To improve intellectual discourse among students and faculty through a meaningful curriculum of advanced coursework, seminars, and special events that demonstrate appropriate professional standards of behavior, appropriate standards related to respect for intellectual property and that demonstrate an active commitment to learning.

Global Citizenship – To enhance classroom learning with related experiences that encourage students to apply their special knowledge and skills in a way that serves others in the local and global community.

Continuous Learning – To offer eligible students challenging options for self-directed learning that may involve special projects within their majors or in the liberal arts core, and a culminating, distinctive work reflective of participation in the Honors Program.


Upon successful completion of the Honors Program, students should have:

1. Developed a set of skills that enable independent and continuous learning.
2. Enhanced critical-thinking skills developed through engagement in academic and nontraditional learning experiences that require sophisticated modes of inquiry.
3. Developed collaborative and leadership skills practiced within a learning community composed of honors students and faculty.
4. Demonstrated the characteristics of leadership, citizenship, and integrity as defined in the program mission.
5. Designed, developed, and presented an Honors Project that integrates the mission, core values, and learning experiences of the Honors Program.

The goal of the Honors Program is to keep students academically challenged, while building character and fostering leadership skills. The curriculum is designed to allow academically talented students to achieve their full potential, enhancing their overall Marist educational experience.