Mentoring Program

Middle school students and Marist College students majoring in Adolescent Education meet on a weekly basis for academic enrichment and college exposure.  The college students serve as mentors to the LPP students as they fulfill field-experience requirements for Literacy Across the Curriculum. 

Through this clinical experience, the teacher candidates have the opportunity to connect classroom theory and content with practice. They are honing their teaching skills while their course instructor assesses their performance. These mentors also discuss their major, career goals and college life with their student. The LPP students prepare a report card for their mentor to grade them on listening skills, respect for students, lesson preparation, organization, and discipline. In addition to academic activities, the LPP students tour the campus and have dinner in the College’s dining hall.   

Mentoring has consistently received rave reviews from the mentors, mentees, and parents. In 2013 survey, 95% of the LPP students believed that they would do better in school and 100% had a better understanding of what it’s like to go to college. All of the college students indicated that they found mentoring to be a valuable learning experience.  Mentors commented:

  • "I learned the benefit of establishing a personal connection with my student.  By doing this, I was able to help him stay interested in lessons and have fun." 
  • "I learned that much preparation and planning is key to a good lesson."

 The LPP students commented:

  • "She really had all the techniques that teachers need."
  • "He’ll be a GREAT teacher."
  • "He knows how to relate to students which is rare for a teacher."

Education majors who are interested in becoming a mentor should complete the Tutor/Mentor Application online or contact the Liberty Partnerships Office at 454-4199. Mentors must be eligible for College Work-Study to be paid, and volunteers will earn priority points. Mentoring may fulfill requirements for field experience in education.