Liberty Partnerships Program

Liberty Partneships Program Liberty Partneships Program Liberty Partneships Program

The Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) has been sponsored by Marist College and funded through the NYS Education Department since 1990. LPP’s goals are to 1) prepare students for sustained high-academic achievement and increased persistence to graduate from high school 2) prepare pupils for careers and 3) prepare students for college-level work.  Services are provided to the Poughkeepsie City School District and the Kingston School District through partnerships with Marist College, community entities, and business organizations. The Program provides a framework for parents to be a partner in their child’s education.

Marist’s LPP serves 247 pupils per year in grades 9-12. The program operates in Poughkeepsie High School. It also operates in Kingston High School.

Principals, guidance counselors, and parents recommend young people who would benefit from the program.  Most students are referred to LPP due to poor academic performance but other factors include family circumstances and negative peer pressure etc.

LPP provides tutoring, mentoring, case management, college tours, career exposure, leadership development, cultural enrichment, summer programs, and events for parents.  Instruction is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  Marist students serve as tutors, mentors, and interns.

LPP pupils graduate from high school and enter college at a higher rate than students across the state. In 2010 approximately 31% of African American or Hispanic graduates in New York State entered a 4-year or 2-year college*.  During the same year, all of Marist’s LPP graduates were either African American or Hispanic and entered college. 

In 2009 the statewide rate of public high-school graduates entering degree-granting institutions was 79.9%. In comparison, LPP’s rate was 88%.  In 2008 the statewide rate was 79.1% and LPP’s rate was 95%.  LPP graduates consistently credit LPP with helping them graduate high school and go to college.

*Source:  NYS Education Department


LPP's Mission is to secure resources through the college, schools, and community as well as provide diverse and empowering experiences for students and parents. LPP focuses on educating youth to maximize their potential and understand their intrinsic value as members of society.


LPP's Goal is to provide youth who would benefit from LPP services in Kingston and Poughkeepsie with opportunities to prepare them for exemplary graduation rates in high school and college or entry into a career. LPP is committed to the academic and emotional growth of youth and character development.