CMA Men's Group



The CMA Men's Group provides academic, career, and leadership assessment (development), and social support to undergraduate multicultural or first generation male students.


Academic Skill Building:

The number one priority for students is academic success. The group offers programming to assist students in building strong study habits, organizational skills, and test taking skills.

Social    Enrichment:

College provides students the unique opportunity to engage other students in many different social environments. The CMA Men's Group implements social enrichment activities to create a sense of community and group cohesiveness.

Leadership Development:

The group is committed to developing positive student leaders.  Programming and discussions about leadership are regularly offered.  

Career Exploration:

The CMA Men's Group strives to enhance skills necessary for transition into the global workforce.  Students explore their interests and are given several networking opportunities.

For more information, or if you are interested in joining the CMA Men's Group, please contact Terrance Harris in the Center for  Multicultural Affairs at 845-575-3204 or

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