International Student Programs and Services

International Student Programs are administered by the Center for Multicultural Affairs (CMA),a division of Student Academic Affairs. These programs provide a wide range of services to matriculated Marist undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. They include comprehensive orientation programs at the beginning of each semester, an American Culture and Language seminar for all new international students, and special academic programs which provide students with the additional guidance they need as they adjust to a new educational system. Both undergraduate and graduate students attend informational workshops each semester and are encouraged to participate in cultural events sponsored by the CMA. All undergraduate international students have a secondary academic advisor in the CMA as well.

Exchange international students from partner institutions are welcome at Marist College. The Exchange International Student Program, administered by International Student Programs of the CMA in conjunction with Marist Abroad, is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the exchange students’ stay, from admission through completion of their course of study at Marist.

 The Center counsels and advocates for international students, both on campus and in the larger community. It is our goal to promote cultural awareness on campus and to provide international students with a productive and nurturing learning environment.


International Student Orientation:

21 - 24 August 2018


2017 International Student Handbook