James Madison Fellowship

Who is eligible? Seniors who are U.S. citizens, and who have no teaching experience yet do have a commitment to becoming secondary school teachers of American history, government or social studies, and who have a record of commitment to civic responsibilities.
When is the Deadline? Campus: Early February
Madison: March 1
Description The Fellowship supports master's studies in history, social studies or education that integrate a two-semester course sequence on U.S. constitutional history. The maximum award is $24,000, to be pro-rated over the period of study. It is expected that fellowship recipients will commit to teaching secondary school history or social studies for a period no less than one year for each year of graduate study supported by the Fellowship. One Madison Fellow named in each U.S. state.
How Do I Apply? Students create an online account and access the electronic application, which includes the application essay, description of the student's proposed course of graduate study, and three letters of recommendation.
Essay(s): 600 words describing the importance and role of studying the U.S. Constitution in the contemporary secondary school context and with respect to the applicant's career goals.
What happens after I submit an application? A selection committee evaluates all applications and recommends for selection at least one James Madison Fellow from each state for which there are at least two eligible applicants.
What's next? James Madison Fellows participate in a four-week Summer Institute on the Constitution.

"The Foundation seeks to make awards to those experienced and aspiring secondary school teachers of American history, American government, or social studies in grades 7-12 who demonstrate the fullest and deepest commitment to a life-long career in classroom teaching young people about the history and principles of American constitutional government."

For more information, see the James Madison Foundation website.