American Studies Bachelor's Degree Concentration

Earn Your B.A. Degree Through an American Studies Major

The American Studies degree concentration through the Liberal Studies Adult Bachelor’s degree program offers a wide range of courses exploring the historical ideas and events that continue to shape our America as a country. The curriculum explores American history, politics, law, literature, philosophy, religion, art, and music.

Throughout the American Studies program students develop key skills such as effective writing, critical analysis, research, interdisciplinary thinking and training, and the desire to achieve a continual life-long education.

Students would complete the American Studies degree program go on to careers such as lawyers, librarians, writers, archivists, researchers, teachers, politicians and other related business fields.

The Flexibility of the American Studies Adult Bachelor’s Degree Program

The American Studies program often attracts non-traditional, community college transfer, and/or adult students who wish to finish their undergraduate degree. This Adult Bachelor’s degree program is ideal for students looking to further their careers through a non-traditional higher education program. With courses offered online, on-campus, or a combined curriculum of both students have the flexibility to earn their degree without interfering with their already busy schedule.

On-campus and Online American Studies Major Courses

  • American Literature I & II – An American Studies degree course covering a broad overview of the history of American Literature.
  • American History I & II – A comprehensive study of American History detailing early America through present day.
  • American Social Thought – An American Studies course examining the development of modern American social thought.
  • History of the American Presidency – An extensive study of American Presidents and the history of the American Presidency.

The Marist College campus is located in Poughkeepsie, New York. At Marist, the Liberal Studies degree offers man fields of study for adults wishing to finish or attain their bachelor’s degree. Classes can be taken both online and on-campus. Contact Marist College to learn more about earning a college degree through online and distance learning.

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