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B.A. / B.S. in Professional Studies Core and Elective Course Requirements

The Marist College Professional Studies Adult Bachelor’s degree program is geared towards non-traditional, military, continuing education or adult students looking to earn or finish their B.A. or B.S. degree at an accredited College.

To cater to the unique needs of these individuals Marist created the Finish@Marist online or on-campus Bachelor’s degree program. The Finish@Marist Professional Studies Bachelor's Degree allows students to earn or finish their undergraduate degree in a non-traditional fashion through online and on-campus courses designed to fit the needs of a busy adult student.

The Finish@Marist curriculum is comprised of 3 parts: the major, the core, and the elective courses. Through the Professional Studies Adult Bachelor’s degree students are able to focus on two to three customizable areas of study totaling 45 credits. The Professional Studies core is 18 credits plus the college writing requirement (up to 6 credits). The remaining 51 Professional Studies elective credits can be comprised of transfer creditscredit for prior learning, or Marist College courses.

Online Professional Studies Degree Areas of Study

Professional Studies Degree Core

The Professional Studies degree program core requirements allow for maximum transferability and are comprised of the following courses:

  • ENG 120: Writing for College (Prerequisite)
  • INTD 105: Perspectives on Education
  • PHIL 103: World Views & Values
  • INTD 209: Perspectives on the Humanities
  • INTD 212: Perspectives on Social Institutions
  • INTD 213: Perspectives on Science & History
  • INTD 477: Capping

Professional Studies Degree Electives

Through the Professional Studies Adult Bachelor’s degree program, Marist offers a large number of electives to allow students to maximum their learning potential and explore a large realm of topics. In conjunction with the entire Professional Studies Adult Bachelor’s degree program, elective courses can be taken online through our virtual classroom in order to fit a flexible schedule.