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Data Center Technologies Career Path

Earn Your Data Center Technologies Bachelor’s Degree OnlineUnderstanding the subtleties of how the Internet and computer systems can impact the business marketplace are important to being successful in the technology industry. As a technology professional, you are expected to know the inner workings of network systems, how to solve critical issues, and how to create and innovate in a rapidly growing industry. If you are interested in becoming a professional in technology and data centers, earning a Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in Data Center Technologies at Marist can provide you with a strong understanding of systems security, networking, and facilities administration and management to help you land a job, or advance in your current role, after completing your online program.

The Data Center Technologies Liberal Studies degree program at Marist College offers a well-rounded program in technology and systems management. The curriculum of the Data Center Technologies program allows students to gain introductory experience in security operations and management of facilities. With more of the world relying on fast and secure interactions over the Internet and through technology outlets, businesses need professionals who are experts at maintaining and managing data centers.

The online program for Data Center Technologies at Marist was designed to prepare adult students for professional roles in computer networking, security, and management of facilities. The broad curriculum of the program allows adult learners to gain comprehensive knowledge of the industry while examining specific networks and equipment involved in data center operations. Courses provide students with the limitations of different types of hardware and software, as well as ways to set-up and troubleshoot internetworks. Marist's technology courses give future data center administrators an understanding of the frameworks in which they will be leading.

With an industry as rapidly changing as technology, Data Center Administrators must understand all aspects of their workplace, including government initiatives impacting the industry and cyber-security methods. If a threat is detected, administrators will be the first called to the job with their unique ability to analyze the system and identify areas of weakness that may have been compromised. Understanding the vast arena of the technology industry allows administrators to provide smart solutions to issues that may arise in the workplace.  Adult learners who are planning a career in data center technologies will be well prepared and trained upon completion of their Liberal Studies degree at Marist.

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