Earning Your Professional Studies Bachelor’s Degree

Get Your Professional Studies Bachelor’s Degree from Marist

Earning Your Professional Studies Bachelor’s DegreeWhen it comes to advancing your career, it’s important to have the professional skills to take on and overcome the challenges that business professionals face on a daily basis. Marist’s Bachelor of Professional Studies gives students the tools to move upward in today’s highly competitive business world.

The Bachelor of Professional Studies focuses on key areas such as social science, communication, critical thinking, and business. Expertise in these areas gives students a foundation for the major principles that all business leaders must learn and apply. In addition, students develop communication, leadership skills, and creative principles that are employed daily to enhance an organization and are in demand by employers in any business or industry.

The Professional Studies program focuses on organizational administration, effective communication and negotiation skills, and enhancing the customer service skill set, which makes a Professional Studies Bachelor’s degree perfect for those seeking a career that utilizes professional communications, customer service, and general business skills.

The Professional Studies Degree Courses are as follows:

  • Intercultural Communication - A Professional Studies course focusing on the importance of culture in everyday lives, as well as the ways in which culture relates to and effects the process of communication.
  • Global Issues in Business & Society – A Professional Studies course designed to examine the critical role that business plays in society.
  • Foundations of Marketing – A course through the Professional Studies major that focuses on the high level basic concepts of Marketing as a whole.
  • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting – A Professional Studies course that provides students with an understanding of accounting and financial concepts, transforming them into tools that can be used on a daily basis.

Through this meticulously developed curriculum, students earning a Professional Studies degree get a major leg up when it comes to landing a job and advancing their careers. See how a Professional Studies degree from Marist can help you develop the skills necessary to lead and manage groups of employees, as well as entire companies and organizations, throughout the business world. 


Written by Laura Zurowski

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