Earning Your Psychology Degree Online

Explore the benefits and career opportunities of earning a Psychology degree online

Earning Your Psychology Degree OnlineIf you’ve ever wanted to work in a field that directly impacts people’s lives, earning you online Psychology degree might just be the right choice for you. Earning your Bachelor’s degree in Psychology online can open doors to work in fields such human services, community organizing, and government, and can also help to enhance careers within corporate structures as a whole. Read on to see if an online Psychology degree is right for you.

Psychology by definition is the scientific study of human behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Yes, a large part of psychology can be devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of mental issues, but that’s hardly its sole purpose. At its core, Psychology is very much a science. Through analytical research, Psychology helps to explore and define behavioral patterns and why they exist. It is through this research that we further discover who we are as a people, why we choose to do the things we do, and how we can bring about change to elevate society. But it’s not just about recognizing behavioral patterns in others. Psychology also helps students to develop an awareness of their own personal value systems, as well as an appreciation for dealing with ethical issues. This broad mix of disciplines is what makes Psychology such a great and useful tool, and what makes Psychology students so attractive to employers.

When it comes to professions within Psychology, the most obvious professions for those earning a Psychology degree would be:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Sports Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Human Factors Psychology

Generally, these roles would probably fit the description of most people’s traditional definition of a psychologist, i.e. one who helps people to deal with and overcome certain mental issues. But today, the role of a psychologist is rapidly evolving.  

Due to the predictive nature of psychology, Psychologists are valuable to markets as wide-ranging as police work and advertising. Because psychology examines how and why people act, think, and feel, the Psychology Major (or Minor) is particularly useful when combined with other disciplines such as elementary/special education teacher training, criminal justice, communication, business, pre-medicine, and pre-law. 

It also doesn’t hurt future employment to know that students have been trained in areas such as ethical decision-making, which is a large tenet of any Psychology program.

Marist’s online Psychology degree program is an easy way to earn a tremendously valuable degree. In a field that’s expected to grow by 12% by 2018, it’s important that your education come from a top program. See what a difference an online Psychology degree from Marist can mean for your career. 

Written by Laura Zurowski

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