Going Back to College to Finish Your Degree

Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree as An Adult Student

Viviane Lopuch, Lecturer and Faculty Director of the Professional Studies major at Marist College, discusses her experience at Marist College as an adult student and also a faculty member. The reason Lopuch feels so strongly about the Marist College Professional Studies program is that she was a student without a degree, who came back to Marist to finish her Bachelor’s. Lopuch recalls being scared about the fact that she did not complete her degree the first time. She was pleasantly surprised by how flexible the program was, as well as her ability to still work full time and develop a program of study for herself. She was able to complete her Bachelor’s degree on nights and weekends, and eventually even returned to Marist for her Master’s degree.

Lopuch feels the faculty in the school’s adult student Professional Studies program treat each student as an equal, acknowledge that students enrolled in this program are adults with viable professions and vast amounts of experience that they can bring into the classroom. Learn more about going back to school to finish your degree as an adult student by contacting Marist College.

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